I help organisations understand the Modern Employee and adopt New Ways of Working

As a prominant writer and speaker on the Modern Workforce and the Future of Work, I regularly get asked to write and talk for organisations all over the world. In doing so, I have increasingly become recognised as an expert in understanding modern employees and new ways of working. I apply this expertise as part of a team of independent consultants at a workforce consultancy I founded called the Millennial Mindset, where I work with business leaders and HR teams helping them understand this new generation of Modern Employee and how to effectively Attract, Engage and Retain them to ensure their organisation is fit for purpose for the modern world of work. If you would like to work with me in any capacity, please contact me via the form below.


As well as writing my own articles for the Modern Workforce Blog, I’m also available to write for other organisations and publications about modern employees and the future of work

Public Speaking

I am an accomplished TEDx speaker and am available to speak at your business, event or conference about the modern employee, new ways of working and the future of work

Workforce Consultant

I am the founder of a specilist Workforce Consultancy called the Millennial Mindset, which helps businessses change their ways of working so they remain relevant to modern employees

Worked with leading organisations all over the world

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