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I speak at events and organisations all over the world about the modern employee and new ways of working, and am most well known for my TEDx talk on Rethinking work for the Modern World.

Re-thinking the world of work

 There is a growing disconnect between many organisations and the needs of their modern employees. After a decade in Marketing at global brands, agencies and the innovative London tech startup scene, I have gathered a unique level of insight on what makes the modern employee tick and how to engage them effectively. I share this insight along with details of the latest trends, newest technologies and current case studies gathered by working closely with the world’s biggest companies. My aim is simple yet ambitious: To change the way the world works, by creating a win:win for both employees and employers alike. If you would like me to speak for you, contact me below.


I talk about a range of topics that are all tailored to your audience, but focus around the 4 key areas below
Understanding the Modern Employee
Learn all about a new type of employee that is emerging in organisations all over the world by understanding how they behave, what they expect and what they need to perform
Technology trends in the workplace
Technology has shaped and influenced the behaviour of modern employees and organisations need to react in order to effectively engage them or risk being left behind
The Blueprint of a Modern Organisation
With a new type of employee comes a new way of working. Here I explore the latest case studies, insights and business models being implemented to cater to a modern workforce
Leadership for the Modern Workplace
The old command and control, top down style of leadership no longer works with modern employees who want a more collaborative, accessible and purpose driven leader
Previous & Upcoming Talks

Below are just some of the talks I have done or will be doing on understanding the modern employee and the future of work

Millennials: New Rules of the Modern Workplace
27th April 2017

TEDx Folkestone: Rethinking Work for the Modern World
13th May 2017

How to attract, train and retain Millennials
27th June 2017

Here are just some of the comments previous audiences have said after hearing my talks
“Adam has lots of knowledge and experience of modern employees, all delivered with a dynamic style and high professionalism that the audience gained huge value from. ”
Judit Abri
CEO, Coaching Without Borders
“Adam’s presentation at our global conference was engaging, thought-provoking and insightful, providing a real wake up call around the needs of the modern workforce.”
Katherine Tulpa
CEO, Association for Coaching
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