The Modern Workplace

In order to remain competitive in the ever evolving marketplace, organisations need to adapt to new ways of working so they can attract, engage and retain the best modern talent. This means both a fundamental change in organisational culture and the work environment

Are divided into work zones

Open plan offices have been proven to be unproductive. Instead modern workplaces need to be split into zones that are tailored to the types of work employees do 

No ‘Culturewashing’

Putting in a hammock and astroturf does not make your organisation a modern workplace. Change should be authentic and not superficial

Facilitate Collaboration

The best work happens where people collaborate, both online and offline, and modern workplaces need to reflect this in their design and processes

Embrace Technology

Technology is not something to be scared of. It should be embraced as an integral part of how the organisation operates to facilitate work and communication

Embrace flexible working

With fast connectivity it is now possible for most employees to work almost anywhere and being in the office 9-5 everyday is no longer applicable

Exude company culture

The whole work environment should live and breathe the company culture and enable employees to both understand and live the company purpose


Gone are the days where you promote someone because they have been there for a certain amount of time. Instead organisations should promote based on results

Provide the right tools

The best modern workplaces ensure every employee has all the right tools to do their job as effectively as possible and gets out their way so they can do it

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