Rethinking Work for the Modern World

Adam Henderson

Modern Workforce Expert

Who am I?

For more than a decade I worked in Marketing at some of the world’s leading organisations and technology startups to deliver new ways of engaging an increasingly complex and diverse modern consumer. As someone who loves trying to understand people and experimenting with new technology, being able to reach and influence people in new ways as well as understanding why people behave the way they do, was a dream job! However, whilst working in marketing I noticed that organisations were spending a lot of time and resources adapting to the needs of the modern consumer, but were failing to the do same for the modern employee. This disconnect was creating a workforce with low levels of engagement, low morale, low productivity, high stress, high absenteeism and high turnover. It was heavily impacting both employees and employers and something needed to be done. So…

How I got here

Back in 2014 whilst still working in marketing I started a website called the Millennial Mindset. This started out as nothing more than an outlet to share with the world what I was seeing and to offer some insights into this new type of employee and the changing world of work. In a short space of time the popularity of my insights and writing grew with audiences all over the world, clearly demonstrating the workplace disconnect I was describing was a real issue. At the same time, I regularly got asked to speak at companies and events all over the world about this new employee mindset and changing world of work, which led to me doing a TED talk called ‘Rethinking Work for the Modern World‘. 

All this experience, insight and exposure resulted in me increasingly being asked to provide training and support to many different businesses, who needed help understanding and adapting to the Modern Workforce and new ways of working. This journey led me to develop the Millennial Mindset further, becoming a leading consultant in the area of internal change, resulting in me now dividing my time between writing, speaking and consulting, in my quest to rethink work for the Modern World.

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